Fire Departments and Fire Stations of the USA

This website consists of an extensive listing of Fire Departments in the United States by states. On our website are listed several thousands of Fire Departments.
We also think about those of you who would like to become a firefighter and you will find more and more ressources that will help you achieve your goal!
Try to answer some Firefighter Exam Questions.

Map of all the USA Fire Departments

Map of all the USA Fire Departments and Fire Stations

List of Fire Stations by States
For your convenience, you can click either on the map of the USA Fire Departments, or click on the fire dept listings link in the menu. It will take you directly to the various Fire Departments in the chosen State. For each Fire Department, you will find information related to location, contact information and the organization of the fire department/fire stations (type, number of stations, carreer/volunteer firefighters...)
We hope that you enjoy this journey to the USA Fire Departments!

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