Almarante Fire District

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 Information about Almarante Fire District

 Fire Department's Headquarter

Location: 3710 Old California RD

City: Laurel Hill
State: FL
Zip: 32567

 Phone & Fax

Phone: (850) 652-3911
Fax: (850) 652-2070

In Case of an Emergency, call 9-1-1

Are you the Almarante Fire District Fire Chief?
Are you a Firefighter at Almarante Fire District or a member of the Laurel Hill community? You can help us to keep this page up to date:

Almarante Fire District

 Mailing Address for Almarante Fire District

    PO Box 700  Laurel Hill  FL  32567

 Map of Almarante Fire District

 Organization of Almarante Fire District

Dept Type: Volunteer
Organization Type: Fire District
Number of Stations: 1
Career Firefighters: 0
Volunteer Firefighters: 13
Paid per Call Firefighters: 0
Civilian Non-Firefighting: 0
Volunteer Non-Firefighting: 1

 Website/Facebook Page of Almarante Fire District

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