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Learn how to Become A Volunteer Firefighter

Learn how to Become A Volunteer Firefighter

Being willing to become a firefighter is a big decision. Are you really ready to commit yourself?

It requires countless hours of training along with a strong commitment to service.

Volunteer firefighting is an extremely rewarding and valuable approach to serve your community. It requires dedication and many hours to train to become firefighter. If you're willing to put in the commitment, you will find there are fire departments ready and available for you to serve. In the event you volunteer, you are able to go after a qualification and also broaden your horizon so that you can embrace a career.

There isn't any difference in certification between career and volunteer firefighter.  In most regions of the country, you can be properly trained and state certified for free. The same thing goes for volunteer emergency medical services.

For years and years, volunteer firefighters did what they had to do to provide fire protection. Whenever they needed something, they organized a sale or a fundraiser of some kind inside the community to obtain the funding. It was this very thing that made them so respected, and appreciated in the neighborhood.


You will find only 3 choices for smaller communities to keep viable emergency services:

  1. Employ solely career firefighters
  2. Keep a mixture of volunteer and career Firefighters
  3. Engage and also retain volunteer firefighters

Enrolling and keeping volunteers is actually the most affordable method of obtaining this service on behalf of all residents.

The requirements to become a volunteer firefighter are as follows:

  • Passing various kinds of examinations
  • Attaining the age of 18 years
  • Good physical shape will be required prior to an applicant can be considered to be a firefighter.

Even so, the fresh new recruit istaught for a number of weeks at the very least prior to being given a task at the time of a real emergency. Training can be acquired at a number of junior/community training colleges, colleges/universities, and apprenticeship training programs with community fire departments.